It’s not easy being smart: outlook for the smart meter roll-out

It is now ten years since the (then Labour) government confirmed it would roll-out smart meters to all UK homes. And with ten years behind us, and two until the 2020 deadline for roll-out, things aren’t fully going to plan. Yes, customers with a smart meter installed are happy, but organisational and technical problems abound.Read more

Facing the Change: What the Future Operating Model Means for Hospital Suppliers

NHS procurement is proving to be the ultimate rubix cube for policymakers tasked with knocking hundreds of millions of pounds from NHS spending figures. Despite progress being made towards Lord Carter’s vision for operational productivity – with news last week that the NHS Business Services Authority and NHS Supply Chain have met £300 million cash-releasingRead more

UK renewables outlook: sunny with some clouds on the horizon

For most, the sunny bank holiday prompted no more than the usual signs of a mini Spring heatwave: barbecued sausages, beer-garden-pints and embarrassing sunburn. But for energy wonks, it caused celebration as yet another low-carbon record was broken. On Sunday, solar PV hit its highest ever share of the UK’s power mix, generating up toRead more

What does the Consumer Markets Green Paper mean for utilities?

Putting the government’s rhetoric on markets into action Last week’s publication of the Modernising Consumer Markets Green Paper is the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s long-awaited attempt to set out how government can ensure consumers can get a better deal. The document – with roots going back nearly two years – sets outRead more

Is fracking back?

The UK has moved one step closer to a ‘fracking future’. Last week homegrown firm Cuadrilla successfully drilled the first national horizontal shale well since 2011 at a site in Lancashire. The company has also announced it is now beginning work on a second horizontal exploration well, with the aim for both sites to beRead more