The Autumn Budget 2017 Rumour Mill – What’s in and what’s out?

To add to a politically tumultuous 2017, in less than three weeks we have the second Budget of the year. The six months since the spring Budget have witnessed enormous political upheaval. The Conservatives have lost their majority, the Brexit negotiations are stuck in deadlock and the Prime Minster has been fundamentally weakened. The post-mortemRead more

Place your bets: Government consults on gambling reforms

And they’re off! Shares in the gambling sector have rallied, following the publication of the government’s long-awaited recommendation on gambling yesterday.  Investors across the sector have responded to an apparent decision by government to kick a reform of the gambling industry in to the long grass, following the launch of a further consultation on fixed-oddsRead more

The Big Idea

The Tories have a problem. Since the bruising General Election in June, they have failed to convince voters on their domestic policy agenda. Polling this month has found a collapse in approval towards May’s meritocratic vision, management of public services and budgeting of the NHS. On such key policy areas, Corbyn is now the favouredRead more

Labour pains: what is business’ relationship with the party of opposition now?

On the ground at Labour conference, there is a sense that the political environment has shifted. In the initial years of the Corbyn leadership, business previously approached the Labour Party with a sense of bemusement. While the mood here in Brighton is still one of uncertainty at what the future holds and how seriously theRead more

Your guide to Labour Party Conference

Here is the absolute definitive guide to this year’s Labour Party Conference in Brighton. Covering all the spills, thrills, tortuous agonising over party process, and what exactly is likely to cause the biggest row. In The Loop The most important thing to remember at conference is that while the Party’s more loyal foot soldiers willRead more

Is anyone listening? Liberal Democrat Party Conference 2017

Liberal Democrat delegates gathered in Bournemouth in mixed spirits last weekend (16-19 September). While they regained some of their big names at the election in June, they had higher hopes than going from nine to twelve MPs. They started the election hoping to be the voice of Remainers, the 48 per cent, and called themselvesRead more

Northern Irish devolution: Some Assembly required

Before the Assembly collapsed in January this year – in the wake of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scandal – there were extraordinary scenes. In the days in December 2016 all the parties except the DUP left the Chamber as the First Minister, Arlene Foster, got up to defend her role in making the RHIRead more

Devolution? Here in Yorkshire? Don’t talk soft!

Yorkshire and the Humber is by far England’s largest county and, with 5.3 million people at the last census, boasts a larger population than Scotland. It is a region with its own culture, its own dialect and a fierce, almost nationalist pride in its history, particularly on the sports field. It has the most successfulRead more