Hitting the ground running: The first 100 days
Hitting the ground running: The first 100 days

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We Advocate - WA Communications
We advocate on your behalf, providing campaign platforms and helping you build influential coalitions.
We Advocate
Advocacy and
public affairs
Advocacy and public affairs
Organisations face pressures and challenges from external regulations, policies and frameworks. We support your case by drawing policymakers’ attention to unintended consequences, missed opportunities or the potential for better outcomes. We help untangle these knotty challenges through public affairs programmes including parliamentary engagement, consultations and select committee submissions.
We Advocate
Media engagement
Presenting a clear message to the media is fundamental to successful communications strategies. Whether placing news stories, securing profile-raising commentary, or handling media enquiries through a press office function, our experienced media handlers provide strategic and operational support across both proactive and reactive opportunities
We Advocate
Stakeholder relationship building
Having positive relations with those who can change your industry’s operating environment is critical. Our networks and knowledge enable you to advocate positively and persuasively to those who matter. Through comprehensive engagement programmes, we establish relationships that help you shape your future and see off challenges before they come to fruition.
We Advocate
Thought leadership
and content
Thought leadership and content creation
There are many creative and engaging ways to get your messages heard. From crafted research to roundtables, keynote speeches, events or a media stunt, we’ll ensure you have something to say that is appropriate, timely, well-constructed and highly-professional, giving you engaging content and materials to be proud of.
We Advocate
Coalitions of
Coalitions of influence
Industry coalitions can be hugely effective in raising the profile of an issue or sector, allowing decision-makers to see the strength of feeling and breadth of support for a cause. WA is a market leader in helping establish coalitions of influence within a sector to drive policy objectives forward for the partnership.
We articulate - WA Comms
We articulate your point of view, preparing you for public affairs and communications engagement.
We Articulate
Strategic planning
Our approach to developing your strategy is built on knowing your organisation inside out, focusing on what you really want to achieve and how you can get there. By testing ideas, exploring options and challenging assumptions, we’ll help you see through the complexity to develop strategic plans to achieve identified objectives.
We Articulate
Corporate narrative
and messaging
Corporate narrative and messaging development
Every business needs its own story. A compelling corporate narrative provides clarity of purpose, supports strong growth and improves staff retention. We draw out what makes your organisation unique. Our process will provide you with the core content to underpin your corporate communications across all channels, articulating insights and testing language.
We Articulate
Campaign and
Campaign and communications planning
Using our expertise across corporate communications, media, public affairs and stakeholder engagement, our team will build a bespoke communications programme to match your ambition. Whether it’s a headline-grabbing call to action or a behind-the-scenes influencer programme, our comprehensive campaign and communications planning will develop tactics to help you achieve meaningful results.
We Articulate
and issues
Crisis and issues preparedness
Managing risk means building a plan and processes to handle unexpected or business-critical challenges. We work to get ahead of the risk, ensuring you are fully prepared when a crisis happens. Based on years of experience working with companies in challenging sectors, we prepare strategies, train people and manage crises when they hit.
We Articulate
Executive spokesperson
Executive spokesperson training
It is critical that spokespeople are confident and well prepared to be the face and voice of your organisation. Our expert team provides bespoke training, empowering your people to sell their message with authenticity and impact. Whether individually or as a group, we train spokespeople for media, select committees and important company presentations.
We analyse and advise you on emerging risks and opportunities to give you a commercial edge.
We Analyse
Policy risk
Policy risk analysis
Using in-depth research and primary interviews with key people from across government, parliament and industry, our Policy Risk Analysis service provides buy-side and sell-side M&A due diligence. We give invaluable behind-the-scenes insight into the next stage of policymaking, allowing you to capitalise on opportunities and mitigate risks.
We Analyse
Research and
Research and insights
Knowledge is power, and in the right hands it can drive real change, better business decisions, and deliver a commercial advantage. Our full-time research team generates valuable, stress-tested insights for your industry. We advise how to communicate these insights in a way that supports your corporate narrative and commercial goals.
We Analyse
Stakeholder mapping
Understanding who you need to reach and what to say is key to getting your message across. We identify and analyse your audiences, key decision makers and wider influencers. We identify what’s important to the people you’re engaging with and the most effective channel to reach them.
We Analyse
Perceptions auditing
Understanding how you are viewed provides crucial information about your position in the market. We provide one-off or regular audits of your business’ reputation amongst key stakeholders, enabling you to make the best decisions for building and maintaining a strong brand, better understand your customers and gain a competitive edge.
We Analyse
Intelligence and
Intelligence and monitoring
Our tailored monitoring is based on a detailed reading of all policy and regulatory content. Combined with a deep understanding of wider industry commentary, on-the ground conversations with decision makers and engagement with influencers across the political spectrum, we can provide actionable advice on your developing industry landscape.

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