E-scooters at a crossroads
E-scooters at a crossroads

Who's in charge of fixing crisis Britain?

Liz Truss’ first cabinet

Liz Truss has appointed her first cabinet as Prime Minister, following a victory in the Conservative Party leadership race versus Rishi Sunak.

This cabinet faces a daunting task across the board: the escalating cost of living crisis, strikes across public services, backlogs in everything from surgery to driving tests; droughts and our changing relationship with EU. There are no easy departments in Liz Truss’ government.

The new cabinet will be looking for quick wins to pull Britain out of crisis mode, especially with local elections taking place next year and a general election pencilled in for 2024.

To cut through during this cabinet’s infancy, industry will need to be productive partners who can provide solutions to tackle the big problems faced by the country. They will be looking for high impact, well-packaged ideas that can be shown to align with Government priorities.

To download the new cabinet chart, click here.

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