Government shows its hand on the future of energy

Greg Clark’s Faraday Challenge announcement this week to fund £246m of battery innovation is a marked shift away from the Cameron-Osborne free market agenda. It indicates that the industrial strategy is more than just talk. This is an emerging market and the standards haven’t yet been established. It is now clear that politics will playRead more

The UK election result and what it means for competition in the retail energy market

The General Election campaign was hardly short of energy policies and several pages of party manifestos were dedicated to the parties’ respective plans for the sector. The Conservatives may have fallen short of an overall majority, but they look set to form a government with support from the DUP, so their manifesto still provides theRead more

The energy price cap: same policy, different party?

As the Labour Party has moved ever further to the left since the 2010 election, the Tories have capitalised on the opportunity to capture the centre ground by replicating headline Labour policies floated just two years ago.  This is no more true than the energy price cap, confirmed by Theresa May this week as aRead more

Where next for energy investors?

Potential price cap and consumer measures At the Conservatives’ Spring Conference, the Prime Minister signalled her intention to take further measures to bring down energy prices for consumers. Backbench Tory MP John Penrose has suggested a relative price cap which would limit the difference companies were allowed to charge between their cheapest deals and theirRead more

The price isn’t right

As winter energy bills slip through drafty letterboxes up and down the UK, debates over energy prices continue to rumble on. The Prime Minister said last week that the energy market is “one market that is manifestly not working for all consumers”, and reiterated that the government would soon be setting out its plan for improvingRead more

The business of energy – Iain Wright MP breakfast

The deckchairs of government were subject to a major reshuffle after last summer’s EU referendum, and with it, the parallel Parliamentary committees scrutinising them.  One man who’s seat was moved even closer to the helm of Parliament was Iain Wright MP, chair of the BIS Committee which now operates as the Business, Energy and IndustrialRead more

We’ll SCI how this goes down

Earlier this month, Ofgem launched a new Supplier Cost Index (SCI). This new report replaces the Supply Market Indicator, which suffered from reliability issues. The SCI will track the ongoing trends in the energy supply market, revolving around the main elements that energy suppliers face. This update will be published on a quarterly basis, andRead more