NHS and social care funding: ask, beg, plead and you shall receive

This week’s budget proved the government had heeded the warnings, pleadings and eventual shouting from the health and social care sector that things could not go on without some form of cash injection. Although May appeared steely in her resolve throughout the winter crisis – that the NHS had been given all the funding itRead more

Pharma, Brexit and the Industrial Strategy: a lasting relationship or a brief affair?

“It is hard to think of an industry of greater strategic importance to Britain than its pharmaceutical industry”. These were Theresa May’s words on the Prime Ministerial campaign trail in July 2016, and they were echoed last week in a leaked government document listing pharma as a high priority industry in the wake of Brexit.Read more

Keogh’s mortality review sets the stage for 2015

With the dramatic backdrop of news that the established Liverpool Care Pathway for the dying patient is to be phased out, out of hours services verge on dangerous and the Care Quality Commission has covered up abuse; today’s mortality rates review raises many uncomfortable questions for and about the NHS. Following the Francis Report intoRead more