Government shows its hand on the future of energy

Greg Clark’s Faraday Challenge announcement this week to fund £246m of battery innovation is a marked shift away from the Cameron-Osborne free market agenda. It indicates that the industrial strategy is more than just talk. This is an emerging market and the standards haven’t yet been established. It is now clear that politics will playRead more

Where next for energy investors?

Potential price cap and consumer measures At the Conservatives’ Spring Conference, the Prime Minister signalled her intention to take further measures to bring down energy prices for consumers. Backbench Tory MP John Penrose has suggested a relative price cap which would limit the difference companies were allowed to charge between their cheapest deals and theirRead more

We’ll SCI how this goes down

Earlier this month, Ofgem launched a new Supplier Cost Index (SCI). This new report replaces the Supply Market Indicator, which suffered from reliability issues. The SCI will track the ongoing trends in the energy supply market, revolving around the main elements that energy suppliers face. This update will be published on a quarterly basis, andRead more

The political year ahead: WA report on the main political issues of 2014

We’ve published a report, The Political Year Ahead, which covers the main political issues facing in 2014.  You’ll be able to find it through this link. This year is the year of political risk. The May European and local elections, September’s Scottish Independence Referendum, key questions about the economy and living standards and the possibility of anotherRead more

Chinese investment: the dragon is coming

The Chinese embassy in London is unremarkable. A single red flag of the communist state flies outside a rather austere neo-classical building on Portland Place. When compared to its sister buildings in Washington DC and Canberra, the building is even less notable. Its American sibling is an angular construction – a sort of testament toRead more

The Tories are in a mess on energy

Our Autumn energy policy briefing, published on Friday, reflects on how Ed Miliband’s price freeze commitment has blown the energy debate wide open. It has led to recommendations, from various quarters, that the UK should: nationalise foreign energy suppliers; dramatically increase private competition in the energy market; abandon subsidy for renewables investors; increase long termRead more

Labour Conference: Freezing energy prices – a triumph, a disaster, or both?

Ed Miliband has today announced that a Labour Government coming to power in May 2015 would freeze gas and electricity prices until 2017.  The policy is eye-catching, and will undoubtedly strike a chord with cash-pressed voters who tend to cite energy and fuel prices as amongst their very highest concerns. The proposal is little moreRead more