Insulated from the storm: reflections from Conservative Party Conference

It is fair to say that both of the main Parties were facing significant questions on unity and leadership heading into this conference season. The Conservatives in Manchester this week were far more successful in insulating the atmosphere of their annual get together from these challenges. It simply didn’t have the feel of a PartyRead more

May be she can keep it up? The great survivor survives another crisis

One of Theresa May’s surprise talents as Prime Minister has been her ability to survive almost perpetual political crisis. Time and again we have seen pundits and politicians predict that she will be out the door within weeks, and yet, two years later, she’s still there. After the latest EU Summit in Brussels passed withoutRead more

The Government’s approach to Brexit – A roadmap to what?

Boris Johnson this week kicked-off a series of speeches by senior members of Government over the next fortnight, aimed at setting out a “Roadmap to Brexit”. It was not the greatest start. The Foreign Secretary used Valentine’s Day to issue a rallying cry to those on both sides of the Brexit debate. He warned againstRead more

WA’s political highlights (and lowlights) of 2016

2016 has, at times, been stranger than fiction. Not only has it meant that the WA team has been kept on their toes providing insight and analysis of developments to our clients, but it has also been hugely entertaining as a spectator sport. As we approach the end of what has been an incredible 12Read more

Future Conservative leaders – old guard or rising star?

“Terms are like Shredded Wheat – two are wonderful but three might just be too many”. That was Cameron’s explanation when he announced at the start of the election campaign that he would not stand for a third term as prime minister. Unlike certain predecessors, Cameron has been clear that he will not go onRead more

Cameron’s Children: the 2015 intake and the future of the party

Dubbed by ConservativeHome as ‘Cameron’s Children’, 74 new Conservative MPs were elected in 2015. They make up over a fifth of the parliamentary party and as such who they are, what they think and what they go on to do will help shape the direction of the Conservative Party for some time to come. OneRead more

Boris island – Is political ambition on airport capacity dead in the water?

It was the decision that we had largely been expecting. Sir Howard Davies has today decided that Boris Johnson’s Thames Estuary plans for a new airport on the Isle of Grain should be taken no further as a possible contender in the race to provide additional runway capacity in the South East. The London MayorRead more