Women in transport – changing the perceptions of the industry

Westminster Advisers was delighted to partner with Women in Rail this week for a breakfast event looking at the gender imbalance in the transport industry, and what can or should be being done by both businesses and policymakers to make transport a more appealing and welcoming sector able to attract and retain women. We wereRead more

High Speed 1 at 20: Lessons learned for HS2

This week saw the 20th anniversary of the completion of High Speed 1, the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL), arguably one of the most important civil engineering projects of the last 100 years. Whilst few would disagree that the Channel Tunnel remains an outstanding feat of construction, its delivery was not without its difficulties, andRead more

Infrastructure and politics: an uncomfortable relationship

As far as an idea goes, High Speed 2 is noble. Its key purpose is to ‘rebalance’ the UK economy away from London and the south east (although I suspect the UK economy has never really been ‘balanced’). By increasing the speed with which businesspeople can travel between London and, say, Manchester, proponents of HS2Read more

Labour Conference: Balls And Trust

Today was economy day for Labour, the one day of the year that the Shadow Treasury team have the opportunity for wall-to-wall coverage of their economic vision. Ed Balls was highly political in both his speech and on the fringe, drawing up dividing lines between him and George Osborne and attempting to recast Labour asRead more

Depoliticising infrastructure

The recommendations of the Armitt Review into the UK’s long-term infrastructure needs, commissioned by the Labour Party and announced today, are likely to have many involved with the financing and delivery of capital projects nodding in agreement. Complaints about ‘politics’ getting in the way of the effective delivery of specific projects are commonplace within theRead more

Signalling trouble ahead for HS2?

When it comes to consider its record in power, every government wants to be remembered for game-changing policy decisions that deliver clear positive outcomes for the country. When the Coalition government formally confirmed their commitment to proceed with High Speed 2 in 2012, the announcement was widely hailed as a landmark moment for UK infrastructureRead more

Mandelson and HS2: still on track?

One of the more remarkable aspects of the coverage and analysis surrounding last week’s Spending Round was that the Chancellor and the Chief Secretary to the Treasury’s announcements regarding the rising cost of HS2, to £42bn, received such a low-key response and limited outcry. Peter Mandelson’s piece in the Financial Times has certainly changed that – onceRead more