Nurture or regulate? How government is supporting investment in AI

Investment in the UK’s tech sector is booming despite the cloud of Brexit uncertainty, with Britain leading the way among European countries. UK tech firms attracted £3 billion in 2018, more than double that invested in 2017. Boosting the trend further, the government has announced a series of funding strategies for Artificial Intelligence (AI) andRead more

Keeping pace with the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The release of the new Westworld and Humans series may have offered some escapism over recent months. But as the march towards the fourth industrial revolution continues apace, science fiction is fast becoming science fact. As we edge closer to the technology of tomorrow, a fierce debate has emerged about whether the UK workforce isRead more

Taking away the politics: What difference will the National Infrastructure Commission make?

Westminster Advisers was delighted to recently host Sir John Armitt for a breakfast discussion on ‘Delivering greater certainty for UK infrastructure’ and the work of the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC). As one of the UK’s most successful engineers and former Head of the Olympic Delivery Authority, Sir John has presided over some of the UK’sRead more

New Westminster Advisers report – The politics of technology

Today Westminster Advisers is launching a new report on the technology sector. Called The Politics of Technology, the report provides an overview of the government and opposition announcements on technology-related issues in Q1, and provides some analysis about what they mean for firms in the sector. It covers areas such as cybersecurity, child protection, adultRead more

Making the right call: political challenges facing the mobile industry

Today Westminster Advisers is launching a new report, Making the right call – political challenges facing the mobile industry. In it, we examine a range of political and policy risks facing mobile network operators (MNOs), Virtual Network Operators, manufacturers and resellers. As 2G and 3G connections have become widespread and commoditised, policymakers’ perceptions of themRead more