What the Brexit white paper means for financial services

After a difficult few days of infighting over the ‘agreement’ on the UK’s negotiating stance reached at Chequers, government has published its long-awaited Brexit white paper. This sets out (some) detail on the UK’s vision for our relationship with the EU after Brexit. The paper was met with less than rapturous applause by MPs fromRead more

Statement of intent

It has been somewhat overshadowed by the unfolding drama around Brexit, but in just over a fortnight Philip Hammond will present his first Autumn Statement as Chancellor. It will be the first major set-piece announcement on the state of the government’s finances and public spending priorities since the EU referendum result in June. Since becomingRead more

Bienvenue a Paris: What are the implications of France’s pitch to become the financial centre of Europe?

Much has been made of the future of the City of London, and its ability to retain its position as a world-class financial hub in light of the Brexit vote. In the wake of the referendum vote, speculation has been steadily mounting that Paris could make a play to become the new centre for businessRead more

NYLON: Brotherly love or sibling rivalry?

London and New York have been regarded as the world’s two financial powerhouses for decades now. Having flourished during the periods of mass deregulation to the financial markets in the 1980s and 90s, they survived the catastrophic 2008 crash, coming out as even stronger allies. A recent Financial Times article claimed financiers in London nowRead more

Brexit bounce – the rise continues

We know that the Brexit vote caused a severe drop in stock markets and Sterling, albeit a much more muted one than expected. That didn’t last too long. Most major indices are now above pre-Brexit levels (although Sterling is still struggling) and the government is borrowing at record low levels (although this is mainly dueRead more

Card declined: a missed opportunity for challenger banks?

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has missed an opportunity to radically reform retail banking, and spur on a new generation of “disrupters” that promise better customer service and value for money. The publication of the CMA’s wide-ranging review into retail banking saw most coverage focussing on the issue of overdraft charges. Many consumer championsRead more