E-scooters at a crossroads
E-scooters at a crossroads

Launching a new challenger brand

Stakeholder mapping
Campaign and communications planning
Media engagement
Corporate narrative and messaging development
Stakeholder building
Executive spokesperson training
Grand Union

Grand Union – a new open access rail operator – was preparing to enter the UK rail market by submitting a proposal to run a new rail service between Cardiff and London. If their application was to be approved, it would introduce competition and passenger choice to this Great Western Main Line for the first time since it was privatised 23 years ago.

To help support Grand Union in its launch, we first ran an initial messaging and issues workshop and then created its corporate narrative, covering the proposed service’s unique selling points and responses to possible industry challenges.

To support Grand Union’s application submission, we helped create the company’s branding and website. A stakeholder database and stakeholder letters were prepared covering key contacts along the proposed route.

The launch press release was prepared, including supporting quotes from partner companies and from the Minister for the Economy and Transport of the Welsh Assembly Government welcoming the announcement. We also held a media training session with the company’s spokesperson to prepare them for upcoming interviews.

The submission was met with much excitement in Wales. The announcement was covered by BBC Wales television, radio and online. The story also received coverage in regional papers throughout Wales and in rail and transport trade media. Stakeholder meetings were arranged with community groups, MEPs, local authorities, and government representatives. When Grand Union decided to extend the initial proposed route to include additional stations, further media coverage was achieved throughout regional publications.

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