E-scooters at a crossroads
E-scooters at a crossroads

Highlighting the challenge of energy losses

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The UK’s energy system is in the midst of a waste and loss epidemic. So much so that every year, the system loses enough energy to power seven million homes, costing consumers nearly £1.3 billion a year. Faced with this challenge, high-tech, cable innovator Enertechnos has developed a solution through a revolutionary low-loss cable technology.

Within this context, WA were appointed to raise awareness of energy losses as well as educate a political, regulatory and industry audience about the role that Enertechnos’ innovation could play in moving the UK towards a greener and carbon free future.

For over two years, we have helped Enertechnos raise awareness of the rising problem of energy losses, and its potential to derail our journey towards net zero. In the process, we developed a narrative around waste and losses bringing the issue to Parliament, the regulator and the very heart of government. Through media profiling and wider speaking opportunities, Enertechnos has been positioned as the natural solution to help policymakers address this issue of energy waste.

Working with WA has created much greater recognition for the problem that we are trying to solve. WA have helped us to hone our message, get it to the right people and explain that our solution is viable even when other voices in the debate said otherwise. We’ve built relationships in government, parliament and Ofgem, and as a result we have a voice at the table as policy is decided.

Dominic Quennell, Managing Director Enertechnos

Having successfully built strong stakeholder relations and a respected profile in the media, WA have helped Enertechnos commercialise by securing access to number of government funding. In 2018 the company was awarded a £1 million grant from Innovate UK’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund to continue the development of their cable and has now received support through the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund (EEF7).

70% faster EV charging; 25% longer offshore wind farm operation. We're leading the EV and offshore wind farm revolution with over £650k government funding for Enertechnos' super-efficient cable that won't overheat when charging.

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (Twitter)

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