The price isn’t right

As winter energy bills slip through drafty letterboxes up and down the UK, debates over energy prices continue to rumble on. The Prime Minister said last week that the energy market is “one market that is...Read more

Can Hammond walk the tightrope?

Budgets are typically a tightrope for a Chancellor to precariously traverse. As well as having to effectively manage the economy, encourage growth and stimulate investment, there are a plethora of groups and individuals needing to...Read more

By-elections: what do they really tell us?

The importance of parliamentary by-elections can often be exaggerated by those observing – and winning – them. In reality, while the results can dominate news headlines for 24 hours, their longer term implications are usually...Read more

State of the Parties

With eyes fixed beyond the UK’s borders, on the impending Donald Trump presidency and on the UK’s negotiations with Europe, it’s easy to forget that the political parties at home are facing a challenging time,...Read more