Hitting the ground running: The first 100 days
Hitting the ground running: The first 100 days

Select Committee Training

Select Committees are highly influential bodies within the House of Commons, being called before one can be a great opportunity to raise the profile of your organisation or issue. But preparation is essential.


Over recent years Select Committees have taken on a more investigative stance, holding regular inquiries and calling witnesses to give evidence before them.

Ambitious MPs are actively using the platform given to them as members or chairs of Select Committees to raise their own profile and generate media coverage, so the dangers of miscommunication are only increasing.

Even accomplished communicators can stumble under the intense questioning and high pressure environment of a Select Committees, which is why intense preparation is not only advised, it is essential.

WA Communication’s team of experienced Consultants can help you prepare for your Select Committee evidence session to ensure that you not only minimise the risk, but maximise the opportunity.

WA’s Select Committee Training packages include covers:

  • Submission of written evidence to Select Committee inquiries
  • Understanding the role of the committee, the purpose of the inquiry and the broader political landscape
  • Development key messages
  • Development briefings on Select Committee members including full backgrounds, personalities and potential lines of questioning
  • Mock evidence sessions and feedback
  • Working with internal resources and other advisers, e.g. lawyers
  • Accompanying you to the evidence session and pre-briefing
  • Performance analysis and suggested follow up strategy
  • Media support if required


Our team have a range of parliamentary, ministerial and media experience as well as years of combined agency and in house experience, including preparing for a large number of select committees so you can trust in us.

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