A strong and stable reshuffle*

The disastrous 2017 election result for the Conservative Party has set the context within which UK politics has been operating ever since. Yesterday’s reshuffle is another reminder that the Prime Minister’s political authority is diminished, a result of her failure to secure that most basic of political requirements in Westminster politics – a workable majorityRead more

Strong and stable? How to read the political environment: Presentation to the 2017 HealthInvestor conference

I was very pleased to address the 2017 HealthInvestor UK conference in London last week, on the subject of how to read the current political environment. Below is a copy of my remarks. There are a number of questions that I’ve been asked to share some thoughts on today, namely: Is political chaos the newRead more

Back in session: May’s revamp

Parliament has returned from recess and with it so has politics as usual. But the “status quo” of politics is problematic: a minority government, a divided opposition, and a Brexit coloured background. Theresa May has survived the summer too and, considering some coverage in the wake of the election result, this is an achievement. NowRead more

Like it, love it, share it: politics on social media

Last night, a sponsored ad for Theresa May popped up on my Instagram feed. As a politically engaged public affairs consultant, the content wasn’t too surprising. Seeing political content on the platform which I usually reserve for pictures of food or holiday snaps, made me pause for thought. Social media plays a large role inRead more

GE2017 battlegrounds: Will unionist voters in Scotland vote tactically for the Conservative Party?

This is the second part of our blog series examining key battlegrounds in the 2017 General Election. If you’ve missed the first part of the series, it can be accessed here.  Will unionist voters in Scotland vote tactically for the Conservative Party? Having nearly swept the board in Scotland at the 2015 General Election, the SNP willRead more

GE2017 battlegrounds: How many Labour seats will the Conservative Party pick up?

In reality a general election is never one contest. Within any one election there are always a series of battles – different trends and patterns replicated across the country, with some trends bucked on a constituency-by-constituency basis. While headline opinion poll figures provide a useful indication of the direction of travel and momentum, it isRead more

General Election 2017: Who will the candidates be?

With current polling suggesting that the Conservative Party will win a significant number of seats at this General Election, the question on everyone’s minds is who will this new intake of MPs be? The selection process  The relatively short time scales and the unexpected timing of the election, mean that the defining characteristic of theRead more

Brexit means Brexit: What impact will the general election have on the UK’s exit from the EU?

No sooner had Theresa May called for a snap election than pundits began offering diametrically opposed interpretations of what it means for Brexit. What commentators forgot in the immediate aftermath of the announcement is that May is a careful, methodical and consistent politician. Her vision of what Brexit looks like was mapped out in herRead more