Shuffle the pack or stack the deck? What to watch for in a reshuffle

Big, life changing events can inspire people to clean house and start again. Not so for Theresa May when the Conservatives limped over the finish line in June – fearing the repercussions of too much change, she opted instead to keep a largely identical cabinet in place. Recently, however, reports of an impending reshuffle haveRead more

Strong foundations? The Government’s Housing White Paper

The government’s Housing White Paper had been heavily trailed and expectations were high as Sajid Javid delivered his statement in the House of Commons this afternoon. Having set out the scale of the challenge facing the country in relation to housing since Theresa May’s ascension as prime minister, pressure was on the government to deliverRead more

Future Conservative leaders – old guard or rising star?

“Terms are like Shredded Wheat – two are wonderful but three might just be too many”. That was Cameron’s explanation when he announced at the start of the election campaign that he would not stand for a third term as prime minister. Unlike certain predecessors, Cameron has been clear that he will not go onRead more