Life after office: Living on the fringe or having a ball?

We’ve all had it. Sat in the day job wondering if you were made for something different. Maybe you are the funny one in the office and think you could make it in comedy, or you fancy yourself to be an author? People tend not to indulge these flights of fancy. However, the upheaval thatRead more

The Liberal Democrats: the yellow phoenix rises?

The lacklustre battle for the future of the Labour party continues to make the news – in Westminster, at least. But tomorrow, another leadership announcement takes place. Either Norman Lamb or Tim Farron will be appointed leader of the Liberal Democrats, and will set out a plan to rebuild the party after its crushing defeatRead more

Follow the leader: Rules for party leadership elections

David Cameron’s announcement that he wouldn’t serve a third term makes the front pages of most of the newspapers today, and on Buzzfeed Lib Dem Secretary of State Vince Cable has heaped scorn on former party president Tim Farron’s leadership ambitions. Whatever the outcome of the general election at least one, and very possibly two, of the threeRead more

Confidence and supply is coming

It’s become a truism in British politics that the upcoming election is too close to call. The vast majority of the respected political commentators are in agreement that the polls are presenting too mixed a picture to make any meaningful predictions about the outcome in May, and therefore the shape and programme of the nextRead more

Happy New Year from our Leaders!

For those of us working in public affairs the political party leaders’ New Year messages help us to understand how our clients should couch the arguments they put to decision-makers over the next four months, in a way that reflects those decision-makers’ priorities.  This is because, whilst not containing any specific policy announcements, the messagesRead more

Miliband will always be an egghead – and that’s OK

Last week, my colleague Malcolm Sullivan published a blogpost bemoaning the Labour leader’s speech on his image. Most of the press seems to agree that the Miliband strategy is high-risk – that now, having decried a focus on style over substance, any attempt Labour makes to position or spin will be shot down in flamesRead more