Here we go again

The collective sigh that went up in all corners of the Westminster Village on Tuesday morning was audible, like the last breaths of air escaping an already deflated balloon. The prospect of another popular vote so hot on the heels of the last is a wearying one. The current crop of MPs face returning toRead more

Labour: A party under siege

As an indication of the situation Labour finds itself in, YouGov’s latest poll makes for grim reading. In Wales and the West Midlands, traditionally a Labour heartland, the party is 12 points behind the Conservatives. More broadly, the opposition now sits 24 points behind the government. Labour appears to be a party increasingly under siege.Read more

By-elections: what do they really tell us?

The importance of parliamentary by-elections can often be exaggerated by those observing – and winning – them. In reality, while the results can dominate news headlines for 24 hours, their longer term implications are usually more limited and they rarely fundamentally alter the political landscape. The leader of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron claimed atRead more

An unexpected journey: Article 50 to visit the Houses of Parliament

By a majority of eight to three, the Supreme Court today ruled that an Act of Parliament is required to trigger Article 50 and begin the process of the UK’s departure from the European Union. The ruling is significant, if not entirely unexpected, and provides a hurdle that the Prime Minister will now have toRead more

Thorns in a rose: Beyond Corbyn?

81 per cent of Labour MPs have no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn, his shadow cabinet is depleted and under-resourced following 52 resignations, and the SNP are demanding to be recognised as the official opposition. Yet Corbyn lives on. Strong in the belief of his mandate, weak everywhere else. An official leadership challenge is expected soonRead more

Coup on ice

Accepting to take child refugees from Europe, a “pausing” of the junior doctors’ contract and a climb-down on forced academisation of schools – a trio of U-turns in the space of a week that has left the Government somewhat bruised, but by no means scarred. What is most striking from these climb-downs is the repeatedRead more

2016 in politics

2015 was not your average year in politics.  The first Tory majority for 23 years, the rise and rise of the SNP, and a truly extraordinary Labour leadership contest kept Westminster watchers entertained. 2016 may be slightly calmer, but barely so.  We face a probable European referendum, elections in May bringing a new London mayor,Read more

Kicking off 2016

Kicking off 2016, the Prime Minister’s New Year message centred on reiterating the government’s one-nation aspirations, once again highlighting that the current Conservative leadership is targeting the centre-ground of British politics. In part it was a message designed to reassure that Cameron’s administration retains a purpose – ‘social renewal’ – and a drive – ‘weRead more