Stockpiling highlights the risks of Brexit uncertainty

Confirmation that the government was planning to stockpile food and medicine in the event of a “no deal Brexit” caused consternation and talk of panic buying. Should the UK leave without a deal, it will fall back on World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules, meaning that all goods that enter the UK from the EU willRead more

Theresa May’s Brexit roadmap: What does it actually mean?

A hallmark of Theresa May’s government to date has been the creation of policy vacuums which allow others, usually her opponents, to shape the political narrative. In this context, today’s speech from the Prime Minister on Brexit was essential to regain the initiative – from those both in Europe and domestically who have a differentRead more

Trigger Happy

In January this year, Theresa May stood up in Lancaster House outlining her twelve negotiating priorities for Brexit talks, emphasising the need for a “new partnership” and finding a deal that worked for both sides. May did not shy away from tough rhetoric, threatening to walk away if she didn’t get the deal she wanted,Read more

Brexit, Brexit and more Brexit

The UK’s departure from the EU increasingly reflected acrimonious divorce proceedings this week, as the House of Commons debated the Bill to allow the government to trigger Article 50. Despite divides between and within parties, impassioned arguments on both sides and wrangling late into the night, the Commons voted overwhelmingly for the government “to getRead more

Wish upon a White Paper

As expected, the Brexit White Paper published today by the government largely mirrors last month’s Lancaster House speech by the Prime Minister. The pre-publication jokes on the White Paper’s expected content, including that it would be a three page red, white and blue document simply stating ‘Brexit means Brexit’, have been proved false. Yet, suchRead more

Unlocking a legacy

Earlier this week, Cameron became the first Prime Minister for 20 years to give a speech solely devoted to the subject of prisons. That fact alone marks his comments out as important. However, for those looking at the direction the Conservatives are travelling, it was the content, in addition to the subject Cameron was addressing,Read more

Kicking off 2016

Kicking off 2016, the Prime Minister’s New Year message centred on reiterating the government’s one-nation aspirations, once again highlighting that the current Conservative leadership is targeting the centre-ground of British politics. In part it was a message designed to reassure that Cameron’s administration retains a purpose – ‘social renewal’ – and a drive – ‘weRead more

Europe – defining Cameron’s legacy

We still know remarkably little about the parameters within which the coming referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union will be held. We don’t even know when exactly it will be, nor what the terms of Cameron’s renegotiation are. All we know is that the prime minister is personally keen for Britain to stayRead more