2019: So, what happens next?

Bandwidth problem A cross-party group of MPs recently warned that Brexit was “sucking the life” out of Theresa’s May government. They are right: this week David Lidington, May’s de facto deputy PM, is tasked with finding policies that can be ditched so government and the civil service can focus on no deal planning. Escalating fearsRead more

Thorns in a rose: Beyond Corbyn?

81 per cent of Labour MPs have no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn, his shadow cabinet is depleted and under-resourced following 52 resignations, and the SNP are demanding to be recognised as the official opposition. Yet Corbyn lives on. Strong in the belief of his mandate, weak everywhere else. An official leadership challenge is expected soonRead more

2016 in politics

2015 was not your average year in politics.  The first Tory majority for 23 years, the rise and rise of the SNP, and a truly extraordinary Labour leadership contest kept Westminster watchers entertained. 2016 may be slightly calmer, but barely so.  We face a probable European referendum, elections in May bringing a new London mayor,Read more