May’s London mayoral election feels slightly strange. Without the names Ken or Boris on the City Hall ballot, the mayoralty has the sense of entering a new era. Whilst Goldsmith and Khan arguably lack their predecessors’ personas, 2016’s mayoral race shouldn’t be any less intriguing. In their own right, both Zac and Sadiq are interestingRead more

Cameron’s Children: the 2015 intake and the future of the party

Dubbed by ConservativeHome as ‘Cameron’s Children’, 74 new Conservative MPs were elected in 2015. They make up over a fifth of the parliamentary party and as such who they are, what they think and what they go on to do will help shape the direction of the Conservative Party for some time to come. OneRead more

The Liberal Democrats: the yellow phoenix rises?

The lacklustre battle for the future of the Labour party continues to make the news – in Westminster, at least. But tomorrow, another leadership announcement takes place. Either Norman Lamb or Tim Farron will be appointed leader of the Liberal Democrats, and will set out a plan to rebuild the party after its crushing defeatRead more

Labour’s manifesto launched with fiscal responsibility front and centre

This morning Labour launched their manifesto – available to read here. We will of course be poring over the details and sharing our detailed thoughts in due course. At this stage the key development to highlight is a commitment to fiscal responsibility front and centre on the first page.  Labour are committing themselves to aRead more

The much anticipated debate: what does it all mean?

After months of dither, negotiations, excuses and concessions the TV debate which many thought would never happen has finally arrived. Despite low expectations about the benefits of a debate involving seven party leaders with the possible ‘winner’ being somebody that the majority of the electorate can’t even vote for; there is still a chance thatRead more