Life after office: Living on the fringe or having a ball?

We’ve all had it. Sat in the day job wondering if you were made for something different. Maybe you are the funny one in the office and think you could make it in comedy, or you fancy yourself to be an author? People tend not to indulge these flights of fancy. However, the upheaval thatRead more

WA’s political highlights (and lowlights) of 2016

2016 has, at times, been stranger than fiction. Not only has it meant that the WA team has been kept on their toes providing insight and analysis of developments to our clients, but it has also been hugely entertaining as a spectator sport. As we approach the end of what has been an incredible 12Read more

Cameron’s Children: the 2015 intake and the future of the party

Dubbed by ConservativeHome as ‘Cameron’s Children’, 74 new Conservative MPs were elected in 2015. They make up over a fifth of the parliamentary party and as such who they are, what they think and what they go on to do will help shape the direction of the Conservative Party for some time to come. OneRead more

Follow the leader: Rules for party leadership elections

David Cameron’s announcement that he wouldn’t serve a third term makes the front pages of most of the newspapers today, and on Buzzfeed Lib Dem Secretary of State Vince Cable has heaped scorn on former party president Tim Farron’s leadership ambitions. Whatever the outcome of the general election at least one, and very possibly two, of the threeRead more

The case for Labour’s business case?

Walking past the Labour Party HQ every day, it is impossible to fail to notice the large countdown timer displaying the 309 days and 14 hours (at the time of writing) remaining until polls close at next years’ General Election. In just over two  weeks’ time the party’s National Policy Forum will meet to agreeRead more

The Miliband State of Mind

Thus far, the Labour leader has focused his attacks on big business and the perceived consumer detriment resulting from ‘broken markets’. However, Monday evening saw Ed Miliband, during his Hugo Young lecture, turn his attention to the state; in particular, the relation and interaction between the individual and the public services they use. Miliband has,Read more

Opinion polls and public affairs strategies – Navigating the road to 2015

Westminster Advisers was delighted to be able to welcome guests from across the public affairs industry to a breakfast event on 11 February for a discussion of current opinion polls and what their implications are for public affairs strategies in the run up to the general election in 2015. Guests were able to hear fromRead more