Unlocking a legacy

Earlier this week, Cameron became the first Prime Minister for 20 years to give a speech solely devoted to the subject of prisons. That fact alone marks his comments out as important. However, for those looking at the direction the Conservatives are travelling, it was the content, in addition to the subject Cameron was addressing,Read more

Kicking off 2016

Kicking off 2016, the Prime Minister’s New Year message centred on reiterating the government’s one-nation aspirations, once again highlighting that the current Conservative leadership is targeting the centre-ground of British politics. In part it was a message designed to reassure that Cameron’s administration retains a purpose – ‘social renewal’ – and a drive – ‘weRead more

Conservative Party Conference: What to expect

Conservative party members will gather in Manchester from Sunday for their annual conference. In part, it will be an opportunity for the party to celebrate its return to government – this time as a majority party. But the conference will also give the Conservatives an opportunity to set the political agenda for the rest ofRead more

Little Britain? Migration and the UK’s place in Europe

You’d have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by the plight of the thousands of refugees fleeing the war-torn regions of North Africa and the Middle East to reach safety in Europe. The migration crisis and accompanying media spotlight means that immigration as a policy question is now more emotionally chargedRead more

Making policy, taking decisions – continuity and change in the policy-making process

With the transition from coalition to majority government comes a change in how government policy is formed. Half the Cameron-Clegg-Osborne-Alexander quad, the coalition’s top decision-making forum, has been evicted from office. Understanding how to inform what the new government does means getting to grips with its governing style, power relationships and policy-making functions. Despite theRead more

Future Conservative leaders – old guard or rising star?

“Terms are like Shredded Wheat – two are wonderful but three might just be too many”. That was Cameron’s explanation when he announced at the start of the election campaign that he would not stand for a third term as prime minister. Unlike certain predecessors, Cameron has been clear that he will not go onRead more

Cameron’s Children: the 2015 intake and the future of the party

Dubbed by ConservativeHome as ‘Cameron’s Children’, 74 new Conservative MPs were elected in 2015. They make up over a fifth of the parliamentary party and as such who they are, what they think and what they go on to do will help shape the direction of the Conservative Party for some time to come. OneRead more