Who will make it to No.10? The runners and riders compared

As you’ll have seen, the WA team has developed a runners and riders guide to help you understand the different approaches of the candidates, and the likelihood of their campaigns being a success. We’ll be regularly updating this as the campaigns progress, policy platforms are developed, and the field narrows. In the meantime, for thoseRead more

May be she can keep it up? The great survivor survives another crisis

One of Theresa May’s surprise talents as Prime Minister has been her ability to survive almost perpetual political crisis. Time and again we have seen pundits and politicians predict that she will be out the door within weeks, and yet, two years later, she’s still there. After the latest EU Summit in Brussels passed withoutRead more

2016 in politics

2015 was not your average year in politics.  The first Tory majority for 23 years, the rise and rise of the SNP, and a truly extraordinary Labour leadership contest kept Westminster watchers entertained. 2016 may be slightly calmer, but barely so.  We face a probable European referendum, elections in May bringing a new London mayor,Read more