By-elections: what do they really tell us?

The importance of parliamentary by-elections can often be exaggerated by those observing – and winning – them. In reality, while the results can dominate news headlines for 24 hours, their longer term implications are usually more limited and they rarely fundamentally alter the political landscape. The leader of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron claimed atRead more

What next for UKIP?

Here’s a question for you, the reader. Can you name UKIP’s transport policy? How about education? Justice? Energy? Thought not. So the next question is – does that matter? Does Farage bluster, a ‘Brexit’ from the EU, and a clampdown on immigration represent a sufficient policy platform for the party? If so, then surely UKIP willRead more

Will Douglas Carswell’s defection lose Cameron the general election?

The shock news that Conservative MP for Clacton, Douglas Carswell, is defecting to UKIP and triggering a by-election in which he’ll run against his former party, is perhaps one of those decisive moments that will influence the outcome of the general election. Lord Ashcroft’s polling of eight Conservative marginal seats, conducted earlier this week, showedRead more