Policy briefing: The National Living Wage

George Osborne’s announcement of a National Living Wage (NLW) was the centrepiece of his Summer Budget, important in itself and symbolic of a firmly centrist approach to governing. This briefing sets out the background to the introduction of the NLW. We take a look at the timeline for implementation and how it compares to theRead more

Navigating the new energy policy landscape

This note provides contact details for the key people across DECC, the Shadow Energy and Climate Change team, the Energy and Climate Change Committee, and other areas of government.

The 2015 Spending Review: Everything you need to know

The end of the summer has been a busy period for politics. The refugee crisis, ongoing EU renegotiation, and Labour’s extraordinary leadership election have dominated the political headlines. As a result, little attention has been given to preparations for the November Spending Review. The review will define the framework under which this government will operateRead more

WA Energy monthly briefing February 2015

In this month’s edition we: Reflect on the latest developments in the debate about the retail market, and what the future holds. Consider what four years of policy work has led to for EMR, and whether the foundations of our new market arrangements are rock-solid. Assess the state of play for the onshore oil andRead more

The Spotlight: Edition 1

Welcome to the first edition of Westminster Advisers’ Spotlight briefing – an at-a-glance summary of the current polls, what they suggest about the current state of play between the parties, and what they could mean for coalition negotiations in the (likely) event of a hung parliament after the election in May.