Conservative leadership candidates: A root and branch review

Westminster Advisers is delighted to be sharing our briefing on the Conservative leadership candidates nominated yesterday. Our briefing – Conservative leadership candidates: a root and branch review – gives you a snapshot of who’s more likely to succeed in the race to become the next Leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister, according toRead more

The aftermath of the EU referendum: update and next steps

The implications of the referendum result have continued to develop throughout the weekend. As well as the immediate consequences, the wider political, economic and constitutional ramifications have become somewhat clearer. Our report looks at ongoing political developments, and the implications of these for policymaking in the coming days and weeks.  

Brexit – What now, what next?

News that the UK had voted to leave the European Union set off a domino effect across Westminster, the devolved nations, Europe and the rest of the world. The political, social and economic implications of the decision will be far-reaching and long lasting.  

Health policy league table

NHS England is currently implementing a host of strategic programmes. The sheer volume is the result of legacy policies from the previous government, a new NHS England Chief Executive and the unexpected election of a Conservative government in 2015. Below we outline the most important strategic programmes. We have ranked them out of 10 onRead more

Budget Bingo

Will the Chancellor mention Mao? Is the long-term economic plan still in vogue? And what can we expect for the M62? Ahead of the Budget on 16th March, we’ve put together some ‘bingo cards’ that you can print off and play with during the Chancellor’s speech. Fill four squares, either vertically or horizontally, to win.

Will we stay or will we go now?

With the EU referendum now only weeks away, the thoughts of businesses across the UK are turning to the implications of the vote. Both a ‘leave’ and ‘Remain’ decision will have serious implications for politics and policy in the UK. Will the UK leave the EU? Our view is that it is unlikely, albeit notRead more

A look ahead: Politics and policy in 2016

2016 will see elections, likely a referendum, squabbles in the Labour party, the beginnings of the Tory leadership contest, and a number of major policy decisions taken. From retail to finance, local government to the business environment, the team at Westminster Advisers has put together a series of short commentaries on what the current dynamicsRead more

Policy briefing: The National Living Wage

George Osborne’s announcement of a National Living Wage (NLW) was the centrepiece of his Summer Budget, important in itself and symbolic of a firmly centrist approach to governing. This briefing sets out the background to the introduction of the NLW. We take a look at the timeline for implementation and how it compares to theRead more