Spring Budget 2017

The Chancellor’s narrative focused on providing a strong and stable platform for the UK as it begins negotiations for leaving the EU. His focus on ensuring strong public finances and investing in skills and innovation to tackle the UK’s productivity challenges underlines this point. Hammond was keen to reiterate this is a government delivering forRead more

What the government’s Modern Industrial Strategy means for energy

For the energy sector, signals a shift away from the previous focus on the energy trilemma; affordability vs security vs low carbon is no longer the lens through which energy policy will be viewed. Instead, the future will be focussed around affordability ‘for households and businesses’ and ‘securing the industrial opportunities for the UK economyRead more

Strong Foundations? The Government’s Housing White Paper

The government’s Housing White Paper had been heavily trailed and expectations were high as Sajid Javid delivered his statement in the House of Commons this afternoon. Having set out the scale of the challenge facing the country in relation to housing since Theresa May’s ascension as prime minister, pressure was on the government to deliverRead more

Think Big: What to expect from the Government’s Housing White Paper

The long-anticipated, repeatedly delayed Housing White Paper is finally due to be published next week. It will be a seminal moment for Theresa May’s government, and of course for the industry. Many of the policies contained in the White Paper have either been announced at the Autumn Statement or trailed heavily in the media. InRead more

The government’s Modern Industrial Strategy

Standing on the threshold of Number 10 in July last year, Mrs May pledged to fight the “burning injustices” plaguing British society, to expand opportunity for all and to allow people to “go as far as your talents will take you”. Today her government published the Modern Industrial Strategy green paper, in a milestone towardsRead more

Checks and Balances: Who’s holding the government to account?

The government is in the process of making crucial decisions that will affect the UK’s political, economic and cultural position in the world. If ever there was a time for effective scrutiny and opposition, it’s now. But, with the end of the clear two-party system, we are left with a much more disparate, fluid andRead more

The Theresa May government: New era, new agenda, new politics?

Theresa May has been a major political player in the UK for nearly two decades, but she’s still something of an enigma. A politician who is not yet fully known or understood. What is her real personality, what drives her politics, and what does she want to achieve during her time at No.10? As sheRead more