Liberal Democrat Manifesto cheat sheet

Our team at WA has an impressive and varied background, including former chiefs of staff to senior politicians, government special advisers and media handlers, journalists and a government digital strategist. We’ve applied our collective expertise to create a Liberal Democrat manifesto cheat sheet to give you a quick insight into the politics behind the key measuresRead more

WA Briefing: Conservative Manifesto

The Conservative Party manifesto reveals what many had suspected in the previous weeks – a much more interventionist approach to markets and a notable shift away from small-state conservatism. In doing so, it has adopted many policies traditionally associated with more socialist parties. However, it would be difficult to appropriately assess this manifesto on theRead more

WA Briefing: Liberal Democrat Manifesto

As expected, much of the Lib Dem manifesto focuses on mitigating, or even preventing, the impact of Brexit, in keeping with the party’s promise to be the “voice of the 48 per cent”. Since last year’s EU referendum, the Lib Dems have made clear that they intend to be the party of those who votedRead more

WA Briefing: Labour Party Manifesto

Labour’s manifesto launch came in two parts for this election: a traditional media-ready event (as media-ready as the Corbyn leadership can be) with cheering supporters and a glossy document, and an early leak of the draft, complete with typos and untested ideas which were due to be trailed in the run-up to final publication. ThisRead more

2017 General Election: What you need to know

This is an election that could have huge political consequences. It presents a chance for Theresa May to get a mandate for her own domestic agenda, and to strengthen her hand ahead of the Brexit negotiations beginning in earnest. An expected increased majority will offer her a bulwark against those within her party unwilling forRead more

Spring Budget 2017

The Chancellor’s narrative focused on providing a strong and stable platform for the UK as it begins negotiations for leaving the EU. His focus on ensuring strong public finances and investing in skills and innovation to tackle the UK’s productivity challenges underlines this point. Hammond was keen to reiterate this is a government delivering forRead more

What the government’s Modern Industrial Strategy means for energy

For the energy sector, signals a shift away from the previous focus on the energy trilemma; affordability vs security vs low carbon is no longer the lens through which energy policy will be viewed. Instead, the future will be focussed around affordability ‘for households and businesses’ and ‘securing the industrial opportunities for the UK economyRead more

Strong Foundations? The Government’s Housing White Paper

The government’s Housing White Paper had been heavily trailed and expectations were high as Sajid Javid delivered his statement in the House of Commons this afternoon. Having set out the scale of the challenge facing the country in relation to housing since Theresa May’s ascension as prime minister, pressure was on the government to deliverRead more