Queen’s Speech cheat sheet

With the Government just about being propped up with potential DUP support, May can’t afford to push through as much legislation as she would like. Power is shifting from the chamber to the corridors and the non-legislative measures matter just as much as the new bills. We’ve created a one page cheat sheet to getRead more

WA Briefing: Queen’s Speech 2017

The government’s legislative programme for the next two years was announced at the Queen’s Speech a short time ago.  The unusually extended (two year) parliamentary session testifies to the size of the Brexit task, with complex and controversial legislation demanding extra time and careful scheduling to move through Parliament.  The speech itself had been delayedRead more

The new cabinet – WA wallchart

Theresa May’s new cabinet is perhaps not exactly what she was hoping it would be. Pre-election speculation had indicated that May was keen to make some significant changes – including perhaps changing her Chancellor. Now in a significantly weaker position, she’s had little choice but to keep most of her cabinet in place. With theRead more

The new government and what it means

Theresa May has clung on, for now. There is no doubt that the snap election has backfired massively, and the Prime Minister has now found herself in the humiliating position of having to strike a deal with the DUP having lost her majority. Today’s result serves to increase the possibility of another election before BritainRead more

Conservative Party manifesto cheat sheet

Our team at WA has an impressive and varied background, including former chiefs of staff to senior politicians, government special advisers and media handlers, journalists and a government digital strategist. We’ve applied our collective expertise to create a Conservative manifesto cheat sheet to give you a quick insight into the politics behind the key measures withoutRead more

What does the Conservative Party manifesto mean for education?

Education in the Conservative Party manifesto is inherently tied to removing social divisions, with the Government pledging to address “long-ignored” problems such as the lack of training and technical education. This wider narrative and ethos about providing opportunity for all is critical to understanding the Tories’ approach to education, just as education reform is criticalRead more

What does the Conservative Party manifesto mean for energy?

The Conservative manifesto contains several policies in three key areas that form a comprehensive package of energy market measures: interventions to protect markets for consumers; infrastructure investment plans, including new housing stock; and commitments to renewable energy and environmental targets. Taken together this presents several opportunities as well as some risks for the energy sector;Read more