The future of post-18 education? WA Communications: assessment of the Augar Review

Yesterday the government finally published the much anticipated Augar Review of Post-18 Education and Funding. The Review sets out a detailed assessment of the sector, making a number of significant recommendations for higher education but also wider skills qualifications, further education and apprenticeships. These include the much-publicised cut in tuition fees, but also reforms toRead more

Bringing Energy Home – WA Communications’ review of Labour’s plan for energy networks

Yesterday, the Labour Party published their plan to bring energy networks back into public ownership. The proposal, ‘Bringing Energy Home’, sets out how Labour would renationalise the National Grid and energy networks via the creation of national, regional and municipal energy agencies. Labour’s nationalisation plan aims to reduce costs for consumers and tackle climate change. TheRead more

MPs believe prevention more important than cure for NHS – new report

A new report from WA Health, informed by a cross-party YouGov poll of 100 parliamentarians, found that two thirds of MPs think the NHS should “direct more resources towards prevention, rather than increasing funding for new treatments.” The report – Prevention over cure: political attitudes to prevention in the NHS Long Term Plan – suggestsRead more

What to expect in 2019

This year will have a big impact on politics and policy. Brexit will continue to shape our politics and key set piece events, like the Queen’s Speech and Spending Review, have the potential to decisively change domestic policy for the years to come. As the government looks to meet its ambitious agenda there are challengesRead more

Autumn Budget 2018: WA Analysis

Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond today announced a giveaway Budget that was designed to double down on the Prime Minister’s assertion that ‘austerity is over’, and seek to show that this was more than just warm words. He was, however, perhaps more careful with his choice of words, noting that it was merely, ‘comingRead more

Hitting the target: what next for precision medicines?

Put simply, precision medicine aims to ensure the right patient gets the right treatment at the right time. The terms ‘precision medicine’, ‘personalised medicine’ and ‘stratified medicine’ are often used interchangeably and in common parlance mean largely the same thing – although there are some minor differences in how the terms are used. Precision medicinesRead more

A Manifesto for Electric Vehicles in 2018

The government is playing catch up to attract electric vehicle businesses to the UK, but the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill marks a turning point A revolution in road transport is clearly on its way with electric vehicles leading the charge. But revolutions are never straightforward and there are political, regulatory and policy obstacles forRead more