Hitting the target: what next for precision medicines?

Put simply, precision medicine aims to ensure the right patient gets the right treatment at the right time. The terms ‘precision medicine’, ‘personalised medicine’ and ‘stratified medicine’ are often used interchangeably and in common parlance mean largely the same thing – although there are some minor differences in how the terms are used. Precision medicinesRead more

A Manifesto for Electric Vehicles in 2018

The government is playing catch up to attract electric vehicle businesses to the UK, but the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill marks a turning point A revolution in road transport is clearly on its way with electric vehicles leading the charge. But revolutions are never straightforward and there are political, regulatory and policy obstacles forRead more

Queen’s Speech cheat sheet

With the Government just about being propped up with potential DUP support, May can’t afford to push through as much legislation as she would like. Power is shifting from the chamber to the corridors and the non-legislative measures matter just as much as the new bills. We’ve created a one page cheat sheet to getRead more