Reopening the property market during lockdown
Reopening the property market during lockdown
From the Queen’s Speech to the next election: what now for the government’s agenda?
From the Queen’s Speech to the next election: what now for the Government’s agenda?

Who's unlocking Britain's potential?

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February 14, 2020

Boris Johnson has carried out his first reshuffle as Prime Minister, following an astonishing general election result which handed clear power to No 10.

For all the rumours, de facto Chief of Staff Dominic Cummings has not been successful in carrying out a radical departmental shake-up, but the creation of a ‘joint economic unit’ bringing together the No 10 and No 11 special adviser teams sees Downing Street cementing its power over the Treasury.

This Cabinet will be responsible for delivering Johnson’s new post-Brexit ‘levelling up’ agenda which will see him try to cling on to former ‘red wall’ seats in the North while shoring up support in traditional Conservative heartlands.

It’s a tricky line to tread and his top team have an enormous task ahead. They will need industry to work with them as productive partners if they are to deliver this agenda and unlock Britain’s potential.

It will no longer be enough to have the minister or secretary of state on your side in this government – organisations will need to ensure that No 10 also give their backing to any asks of a department, particularly if it involves spending.

Don’t assume ministerial support is an end in itself, but instead prepare ministers to be your advocates, ready to make the case for you at the top tier of government.  This will be a complex map for businesses to navigate.

WA has produced this handy wall chart of the new cabinet so you can identify your new key ministers, available to download below.



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