Playing her hand: May’s social care gamble

I bet Theresa May would make a mean poker player. When she retires from politics I reckon she could make a tidy living amongst the bright lights of Vegas – outwitting drunk tourists with her sleight of hand. No-one expected the Prime Minister to reveal such a bold social care policy, just days after newspapersRead more

What do the local elections mean for 8th June?

The unusual sequencing of a significant set of local and regional elections coming just weeks before a general election offers us a unique chance to look for any clues as to what this may tell us about the parliamentary election results. The first point to note is that these elections only give us an indicationRead more

Taking a healthcare holiday – what I’ve learned

I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to take a healthcare break from it all? No more delayed discharge statistics, no more waiting on the Government’s response to the latest NICE consultation and no more making sure I know the latest amendments to a niche piece of secondary legislation. Last year I had theRead more

Chinese Whispers: Political murmurings and overseas investment

The latest insight from WA Investor Services 23rd June 2016 – referendum day – marked the end, or the beginning of the end, of a lot of things. Britain’s membership of the EU, of course. David Cameron’s premiership. George Osborne’s time in No. 11. Michael Gove and Boris Johnson’s friendship. Many thought it also heraldedRead more

What does the Budget mean for UK investors?

With the release of the government’s Budget yesterday, WA’s Investor Services team takes a look at some of the major announcements and what the impact could be for the UK investor market. Overall, Philip Hammond’s Budget has been well received by analysts for providing sensible spending decisions at this politically sensitive time. He gleefully addressedRead more

Strong foundations? The Government’s Housing White Paper

The government’s Housing White Paper had been heavily trailed and expectations were high as Sajid Javid delivered his statement in the House of Commons this afternoon. Having set out the scale of the challenge facing the country in relation to housing since Theresa May’s ascension as prime minister, pressure was on the government to deliverRead more