Getting under the bonnet of vehicle connectivity

The car has evolved significantly over the last century. The driving experience, however, has largely remained the same. But this is changing. Most headlines to date have focused on driverless cars in the context of future mobility. Unsurprising really, but more interesting is not who might be driving cars in the future, but what’s currentlyRead more

Electric Vehicles strategy: going in the right direction but cruising in third gear

The government’s delayed electric and ultra-low-emissions vehicles (EVs) strategy, Road to Zero, was published this week and has turned out to be more Volkswagen E-Up than Tesla Model-X: perfectly decent, will do the job, but not particularly exciting. No sense of urgency The strategy lacks ambition, sticking to a 2040 target to remove petrol andRead more

A lot of hot air: Politics and heatwaves

Last-minute trips to the coast, burnt skin, tie-less offices and packed parks. All over the UK, people have been soaking up the sun, but the soaring temperatures are wreaking disruption left, right and centre. Are we prepared? Given we’re a country obsessed with complaining about the weather, Britons do their best to make the mostRead more

Clean air and a sustainable future for aviation

Last week saw publication of the government’s latest Clean Air Strategy draft. The plans will impact a wide range of sectors, among them aviation. Aviation is a small part of the problem. Landings and take-offs generate around 1 per cent of nitrogen dioxide emissions, with land operations and transport to and from airports contributing more.Read more

Motoring ahead: policy priorities for metro mayors

Voters in Scotland, Wales and swathes of England will go to the polls in May to elect their local authority councillors. For the first time, voters in six English regions will also elect mayors for their new combined authorities. Each combined authority has struck its own unique devolution deal with central government, with some significantRead more

Westminster Advisers shortlisted for Consultancy Campaign of the Year in Public Affairs Awards 2016

Westminster Advisers is delighted to have been shortlisted for Consultancy Campaign of the Year in the Public Affairs Awards 2016 for our work with the Cycle to Work Alliance, a coalition of leading providers of the cycle to work scheme. Westminster Advisers worked with the Alliance to protect the scheme from the Government’s plans toRead more

The end of the gig economy?

The ruling that Uber drivers should be classed as employees rather than self-employed contractors is the latest development in a long-running debate about the nature of the flexible workforce in the UK. The growth of the so-called ‘gig economy’, whereby workers are contracted on a temporary basis or for short-term or flexible engagement, has meantRead more