Scots on the rocks: Independence and the SNP

If you are suffering election fatigue, spare a thought for Scotland. Since 2014 Scotland has held one important vote after another with the independence referendum in 2014, the general election in 2015, the EU referendum and Scottish parliamentary elections in 2016, and local elections and a fresh general election in 2017. Over this period weRead more

Brewing up a storm: Sturgeon’s bid for indyref2

This month, we have seen the debate on Scotland’s independence remerge as Nicola Sturgeon indicated intentions to agree a section 30 order with the UK government, effectively creating the pathway for another referendum. Sturgeon has made clear she wants to hold a vote sometime between Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019, allowing Scots to decide theirRead more

A year on from the indyref; can the bubble burst?

As we approach the anniversary of the Scottish Referendum on Friday attention turns on how Scottish politics has changed in twelve short months and how the rise of the SNP, and the demise of Labour, looks a trend that is likely to continue. In the Scottish Government’s recently announced programme for this session there wasRead more

Scotland drowns out the rest

The message was meant to be about the economy. Any chance of Conservative success in May 2015 is inextricably linked to the UK’s economic recovery. Therefore, core to the Party’s strategy is to ensure that voters give credit to Cameron & Co as being responsible for having delivered recent growth (as well as trusting theRead more

Salmond won the battle, but will it help win the war?

This morning’s front pages confirmed it: Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond won the second and final TV debate of the Scottish independence referendum in Glasgow yesterday evening. While it was an unedifying display, Mr Salmond’s tactic of hectoring and shouting was effective. Alistair Darling, the former Labour Chancellor and Chair of the Better Together campaign, gaveRead more

Scottish Independence and the Rest of the UK

As the polls are showing, the Scottish Independence vote is narrowing.  There is considerable nervousness within the Better Together campaign, and polls conducted by the main pro-union parties apparently predict the vote to be on a knife edge.  Our view is that given we’ll see a boost to Scottish national pride in the run-up toRead more