Conservative Party Conference: What to expect

Conservative party members will gather in Manchester from Sunday for their annual conference. In part, it will be an opportunity for the party to celebrate its return to government – this time as a majority party. But the conference will also give the Conservatives an opportunity to set the political agenda for the rest ofRead more

Lib Dems – victims of their own success

If Oscar Wilde was right, and the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about, then it’s a truth that has come to define the Liberal Democrats over the past four and a half years. As a protest party handed the keys to Government in 2010, they have been accused ofRead more

Conservative conference – last throw of the dice?

Conservative conference this week has been much more upbeat than Labour’s of last. The fringe meetings, exhibition hall and bars have been pervaded with a sense of optimism and bullishness about the Conservative’s chances next year. It’s as if, in the face of adversity (UKIP defections, Newmark, questions over Europe, a stubborn second place inRead more

A solid, appealing speech wrapped in poor delivery

Ed Miliband’s speech to Labour party conference this afternoon was 70 minutes long and at times, a strange experience to listen to. His tendency to make points by drawing on references to meetings with ‘normal people’ – Rosie, Xiomara, Gareth and more – is becoming slightly tedious.  At worst, it just reminds one of theRead more