Energy is always a major issue: for government, for business, for communities, and for households.  Making sure the market functions fairly and productively is critical. 

Our work with the Energy Ombudsman is making that happen.


Ombudsman Services needed to grow awareness and understanding among government policymakers of its role in delivering consumer redress. This was restricting commercial opportunities for the business, particularly in the energy sector, and limiting options for consumers.


WA worked with Ombudsman Services to make the company more visible to policymakers as an authoritative commentator and a reliable source of information on the retail energy market.

Our approach got the company using its wealth of aggregated complaints data as a resource to brief policymakers and opinion-formers, providing insight on trends in performance across the energy sector.

This initiated and strengthened relationships with policymakers across government.


The Energy Secretary announced at the Conservative conference that the Energy Ombudsman will have its remit enhanced, enabling it to be more proactive in tackling consumer detriment within the sector.