WA Investor Services was commissioned to undertake a rapid buy-side due diligence project over the course of six days, analysing the government’s complex and technical plans for the UK forensics services sector.

Our client needed clarity in a number of areas, including risks and opportunities for the asset’s services resulting from government spending plans, the impact of the National Forensics Framework review, future insourcing/outsourcing of forensics services by police forces, and the impact of organisational change within the police.


Given our deadline, WA Investor Services quickly approached policy-makers and influencers for primary information on current trends in the policy landscape and its future direction.

We spoke to government decision makers and industry insiders to gather insights, and distilled these to produce a robust, rigorous analysis.
We updated the investor on a real-time basis, flagging emerging risks as we identified them, to aid their valuation and bid.


By day six, WA Investor Services delivered a Policy Risk Analysis report that got to the heart of questions the investment team needed to answered, and within the investor’s timescale.

Our client was able to communicate the findings of our research effectively and efficiently to colleagues, directly informing discussions with their investment committee and negotiations with the asset’s owners.