WA was beginning to advise a start-up energy supply chain company on its communications and public affairs activity when it appeared that a rapidly changing political situation in the aftermath of Britain’s EU referendum presented significant opportunities.

With several policy changes on the horizon affecting the market the company operates in, WA was commissioned to conduct an analysis to inform their business plan and investor relations activity.


Through a series of interviews, desk research and technical analysis, we built a detailed picture of the shifting policy landscape around the business and how the new government’s agenda influenced it.

We kept our client update to share our progress in getting the answers they required and sent live updates as issues unfolded, allowing them to quickly to refine their own processes and build our insight into their work.


Over four weeks we produced a report which set out clearly the emerging political and policy agenda for their business.

This allowed them to adapt their business plan and send a confident message to investors, assisting them in securing significant funding for the next phase of growth.