Cycling has captured the public imagination.  It’s fair to say it is now something of a national pastime.

WA is proud to have played its part by making sure hundreds of thousands of people continue to benefit from the cycle to work scheme.


Government’s challenge to improve Britain’s public finances threatened the future of salary sacrifice employee benefits.  Providers of the popular cycle to work scheme had to make the case for its continuation.


WA advised the four largest providers of the scheme – Halfords, Evans Cycles, Cyclescheme and Cycle Solutions – on a campaign to protect and expand it.  We helped them form the Cycle to Work Alliance.

We knew that developing a wealth of data would be important, insight showing how cycling to work helps the economy, the environment and active lifestyle.

But it would not be enough.  Crucially, we had to show what the scheme meant to the people who use it.

This created a big conversation with government departments, parliamentarians from all parties, and the media about the scheme’s achievements and what was at risk.


In a review of all salary sacrifice schemes the government decided cycle to work was one worth keeping.

Policymakers not only recognised the scheme’s value to a range of government objectives but also what it means to people’s lives.

It goes from strength to strength with over 600,000 Britons participating.