The future of cycling to work
The future of cycling to work
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E-scooters at a crossroads

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A prominent House of Commons select committee was undertaking an inquiry on children’s services funding, taking oral evidence from a number of witnesses who made inaccurate comments about the work of independent children’s services providers. This risked the committee criticising independent providers, based on incorrect evidence about their value, rather than focusing on policy measures that would deliver better outcomes for vulnerable children and young people.

WA contacted the committee and made CSDG’s case for inclusion in future oral evidence sessions, setting out the inaccuracies in the evidence the committee had received to date. This led to CSDG being included in the final oral evidence session for the inquiry. WA prepared CSDG’s representative with detailed messaging and robust evidence to take to the committee to ensure incorrect assertions were addressed and to set out the policy reforms required to improve education and care outcomes.

CSDG successfully gave evidence to the committee, countering the negative comments made and providing policy ideas that were positively received by the committee. Rather than being led by the inaccurate comments made by other witnesses, the committee’s final report made positive comments about the quality of the independent sector and its valuable role in meeting the needs of vulnerable children and young people, referencing a number of the group’s policy recommendations.


References in the final select committee report


Appearance at an oral evidence session


Pieces of written evidence submitted

CSDG is going from strength to strength and our credibility has been significantly raised in recent years, thanks to the hard work of the WA team.

Andrew Isaac CSDG Chair

Rebecca Brake

Associate Director
020 3102 3621

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