Should lobbyists work with UKIP?

Is it time commercial interests started talking to UKIP? Rupert Murdoch certainly seems to think so, in light of reports of a dinner last week between the media mogul and UKIP’s leader Nigel Farage. Murdoch’s modus operandi to influence in Westminster is very transparent. He gets to know politicians as soon as it is clearRead more

Kick-starting housing construction?

On the eve of the Budget (20th March), David Cameron and Nick Clegg are expected to announce a series of measures that will tackle the housing crisis in Britain. These measures are likely to include shared equity schemes, social housing and support for first-time buyers, demonstrating the increasing importance with which the delivery of housingRead more

New IPPR Chair: Andrew Adonis

Andrew Adonis has taken up a new role as Chair of the IPPR – the centre left think-tank credited with informing much of policy development under the last Labour government, not to mention incubating the careers of many of Labour’s current crop of leaders. With the party consistently polling an average of 10 points aheadRead more

The end of the coalition?

Could the coalition end early? The whispering in Westminster today is that widespread dissatisfaction from Conservative and Liberal Democrat backbenchers may result in the coalition breaking up before May 2015. Conservatives are already restive after the poor showing –and UKIP’s success– in the Eastleigh by-election. Add to this the growing clout of the National UnionRead more

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