Shuffle the pack or stack the deck? What to watch for in a reshuffle

Big, life changing events can inspire people to clean house and start again. Not so for Theresa May when the Conservatives limped over the finish line in June – fearing the repercussions of too much change, she opted instead to keep a largely identical cabinet in place. Recently, however, reports of an impending reshuffle haveRead more

Moggmentum, Moggmania, Moggles: Jacob Rees-Mogg’s true blue vision for the Conservative Party

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a politically-minded man in possession of a growing grassroots movement must be in want of a leadership bid? Well, in the words of Jacob Rees-Mogg himself, he wants to be a “servant of the Conservative Party, not its master”, but still has a vision for how the ConservativeRead more

Brexit briefing 14th August

What has happened in the last month? The ‘divorce bill’ has been a key feature of discussions, with a figure being floated within the UK Government of £36bn according to The Times. Labour divisions over Brexit showed. Shadow International Trade Secretary Barry Gardiner set out a Brexit vision outside the Single Market and Customs Union,Read more

Scots on the rocks: Independence and the SNP

If you are suffering election fatigue, spare a thought for Scotland. Since 2014 Scotland has held one important vote after another with the independence referendum in 2014, the general election in 2015, the EU referendum and Scottish parliamentary elections in 2016, and local elections and a fresh general election in 2017. Over this period weRead more

Same stakes, different leverage: a look at transatlantic trade post-Brexit

You may have seen a flurry of stories this week fretting over chlorinated chicken and GMOs flooding into the UK from the US. This was perhaps not the reaction Liam Fox had hoped for in his recent visit to the country, where he was discussing a proposed new transatlantic deal. Uncoincidentally, these stories bear aRead more

Government shows its hand on the future of energy

Greg Clark’s Faraday Challenge announcement this week to fund £246m of battery innovation is a marked shift away from the Cameron-Osborne free market agenda. It indicates that the industrial strategy is more than just talk. This is an emerging market and the standards haven’t yet been established. It is now clear that politics will playRead more

With big data comes big responsibility

With big data comes big responsibility Every week we’re seeing new warnings about how Brexit will impact different parts of the UK economy. Proposed changes to data protection rules have been highlighted as the latest concern after the House of Lords EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee published a report last week calling for “unhindered and uninterrupted”Read more