Playing her hand: May’s social care gamble

I bet Theresa May would make a mean poker player. When she retires from politics I reckon she could make a tidy living amongst the bright lights of Vegas – outwitting drunk tourists with her sleight of hand. No-one expected the Prime Minister to reveal such a bold social care policy, just days after newspapersRead more

Like it, love it, share it: politics on social media

Last night, a sponsored ad for Theresa May popped up on my Instagram feed. As a politically engaged public affairs consultant, the content wasn’t too surprising. Seeing political content on the platform which I usually reserve for pictures of food or holiday snaps, made me pause for thought. Social media plays a large role inRead more

The energy price cap: same policy, different party?

As the Labour Party has moved ever further to the left since the 2010 election, the Tories have capitalised on the opportunity to capture the centre ground by replicating headline Labour policies floated just two years ago.  This is no more true than the energy price cap, confirmed by Theresa May this week as aRead more