Autumn statement of campaign intent

George Osborne’s autumn statement today is a shop window through which one can view the Conservative’s election strategy for next year.  It is as follows: Focus on the message that the economy is in safer hands with the Conservatives.  Jim Messina, the Conservatives’ campaign strategy adviser, has told the Prime Minister and Chancellor that everyRead more

Women in transport – changing the perceptions of the industry

Westminster Advisers was delighted to partner with Women in Rail this week for a breakfast event looking at the gender imbalance in the transport industry, and what can or should be being done by both businesses and policymakers to make transport a more appealing and welcoming sector able to attract and retain women. We wereRead more

Britain’s developing multi-party state

The outcome of the 2015 General Election is fast becoming the most unpredictable to call for a generation. The trend away from the UK’s traditional two-party system (dominated by the Conservatives and Labour) appears set to continue. Whilst Lord Ashcroft’s latest poll – published earlier this week – clearly makes for uncomfortable reading for LabourRead more


On Monday morning, the Chancellor George Osborne devolved an unprecedented number of powers to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), supposedly more than they’d asked for. Powers and budgets for transport, planning and public service reform are to be devolved upon the condition of the election of a directly elected Mayor for Greater Manchester. TheRead more

The NHS’s five-year funding challenge: different forward views?

Party conference season propelled NHS funding up the 2015 election agenda.  Leading patient groups, professional bodies and health think tanks energised the debate with calls for more money.  So what are the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem offers for voters on NHS funding?  And how do their proposals sit with the outlook presented today inRead more

The times they are a-changin’

It’s been a peculiar week in Westminster. As the House returned from conference recess, there was a feeling that a hurricane had shifted the sands beneath the political establishment in their absence. Whilst the leaders’ speeches at party conference were largely aimed at shoring up their traditional heartlands with well-trodden and rehearsed rhetoric (Labour focusedRead more

What next for UKIP?

Here’s a question for you, the reader. Can you name UKIP’s transport policy? How about education? Justice? Energy? Thought not. So the next question is – does that matter? Does Farage bluster, a ‘Brexit’ from the EU, and a clampdown on immigration represent a sufficient policy platform for the party? If so, then surely UKIP willRead more

Lib Dems – victims of their own success

If Oscar Wilde was right, and the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about, then it’s a truth that has come to define the Liberal Democrats over the past four and a half years. As a protest party handed the keys to Government in 2010, they have been accused ofRead more