Barnier’s backbone?: How the UK is losing the public war over Brexit

The British press is down on David Davis and his Brexit negotiation team. Open the paper (or the app on your smartphone) and you’ll see reports and opinion pieces criticising strategy, preparedness and positions. Barnier’s EU team, on the other hand, looks ready for whatever comes their way, whether that is broad discussion on principlesRead more

Five new social media stars of the 2017 Parliament

One month on from the General Election, the new intake of MPs has had a chance to bed in. And with the pressures of campaigning behind them, their voices as MPs in office – as opposed to candidates – are starting to take shape. For parliamentarians, social media is now a legitimate channel for politicalRead more

From Stalin to Mr Bean: What does Vince Cable mean for the Liberal Democrats?

The snap election was supposed to revive the Liberal Democrats and see them fight back from their 2015 low. While the party gained MPs, including some of its old ‘big beasts’, it lost votes and suffered further setbacks in the number of seats they finished second in. This result was damning for Tim Farron who,Read more

Gone by Christmas. But which one?

Theresa May is doomed. Probably. Possibly. Having lost her parliamentary majority in the biggest political gamble since the Brexit referendum, it seemed to be a matter of months, even weeks, until there was a new face in Downing Street. And yet she remains, seemingly with plans to govern for a full term. Theresa May needRead more

Copy & paste: the Brexit Bills begin

The government yesterday took a significant step in the process of taking the UK out of the European Union, publishing its first major Brexit Bill. The much-anticipated Repeal Bill, now formally known as the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, received its first reading in the House of Commons.   Described as the Prime Minister’s “flagship BrexitRead more

The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices: Good Work?

Matthew Taylor called his review “Good Work: The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices” but many are asking if that colon ought to have been a question mark. The review appears to be equally unpopular with unions and businesses alike, while many of the recommendations have been met with shrugged shoulders. Its inconclusive nature hasRead more

Has Twitter use among politicians hit a plateau?

It’s been a rollercoaster over at Twitter. The last decade has taken the micro-blogging platform from relative anonymity to POTUS’s most trusted media platform. However, in parallel, the growth in its user base has significantly slowed in the last three years. Today, estimates suggest 45% of UK internet users actively use Twitter, far behind theRead more