Being led up the garden Pathway: Is there something more to the Accelerated Access Pathway?

The dust has now settled on the Government’s long-long-¬awaited response to the Accelerated Access Review (AAR), which was published on Friday. The key details of the response are relatively well known. The Government is setting up an Accelerated Access Pathway (AAP) to streamline the route to market for around five “breakthrough” treatments every year. TheRead more

The Autumn Budget 2017 Rumour Mill – What’s in and what’s out?

To add to a politically tumultuous 2017, in less than three weeks we have the second Budget of the year. The six months since the spring Budget have witnessed enormous political upheaval. The Conservatives have lost their majority, the Brexit negotiations are stuck in deadlock and the Prime Minster has been fundamentally weakened. The post-mortemRead more

Place your bets: Government consults on gambling reforms

And they’re off! Shares in the gambling sector have rallied, following the publication of the government’s long-awaited recommendation on gambling yesterday.  Investors across the sector have responded to an apparent decision by government to kick a reform of the gambling industry in to the long grass, following the launch of a further consultation on fixed-oddsRead more

The Health Top Ten: Autumn Edition

With Party Conference Season over and Autumn well and truly upon us, WA Health looks at the top ten trends, policy developments and potential pitfalls in health to look out for in the run-up to Christmas. The decelerated Accelerated Access Review The Government’s long-awaited response to the Accelerated Access Review (AAR) is expected imminently. LordRead more

What are the odds? Your fruit machine is about to change

The gambling industry is eagerly awaiting the outcome of the government’s review on gambling machines, and there is tension in the air over who will hold the ace when the cards are dealt. With something of a hiatus on investment since the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) launched its review in OctoberRead more

Cautiously carrying on

With Conservative Party conference over, focus returns to Westminster, and to Brexit. And UK business leaders are becoming increasingly concerned. Stanford and Nottingham universities have teamed up over the past year, with the help of the Bank of England, to track the views of 2,500 chief executives and chief financial officers towards Brexit negotiations. TheyRead more

Reflections on Manchester: the top ten things WA learnt this week

Commentators and pundits have broadly agreed that this week’s Conservative Party conference wasn’t a huge success. A flat atmosphere, no clear future direction, and of course, that speech. Here WA’s team on the ground – Jenny Ousbey, Peter Jones, Bobbie Davies, Angus Hill and Aaron Yamoah – share their collective insights from Manchester:   FirstRead more

PF Why? Analysing Labour’s PFI announcement

What has been said? One of the most eye-catching announcements of the Labour conference was on Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs), made by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, Jeremy Corbyn’s de facto second in command. He criticised PFIs as a “waste of taxpayer money” that subsidised the profits of “shareholders, often based in offshore tax havens”. NotRead more