Taking a healthcare holiday – what I’ve learned

I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to take a healthcare break from it all? No more delayed discharge statistics, no more waiting on the Government’s response to the latest NICE consultation and no more making sure I know the latest amendments to a niche piece of secondary legislation. Last year I had theRead more

Chinese Whispers: Political murmurings and overseas investment

The latest insight from WA Investor Services 23rd June 2016 – referendum day – marked the end, or the beginning of the end, of a lot of things. Britain’s membership of the EU, of course. David Cameron’s premiership. George Osborne’s time in No. 11. Michael Gove and Boris Johnson’s friendship. Many thought it also heraldedRead more

When it rains…

The United Kingdom is used to rain. There are many jokes about the amount of rain, how often it rains and how so many people are still surprised when it rains. One of those people must be the Prime Minister, who suddenly finds herself with something of a deluge – dealing with the triggering ofRead more

NHS and social care funding: ask, beg, plead and you shall receive

This week’s budget proved the government had heeded the warnings, pleadings and eventual shouting from the health and social care sector that things could not go on without some form of cash injection. Although May appeared steely in her resolve throughout the winter crisis – that the NHS had been given all the funding itRead more

What does the Budget mean for UK investors?

With the release of the government’s Budget yesterday, WA’s Investor Services team takes a look at some of the major announcements and what the impact could be for the UK investor market. Overall, Philip Hammond’s Budget has been well received by analysts for providing sensible spending decisions at this politically sensitive time. He gleefully addressedRead more

Education recruitment – a lesson in political risk

Recent months have seen a surge in investor interest in the education recruitment sector, with several big names on the market. The Department for Education has acknowledged that recruitment remains a significant challenge for schools. Or rather, it has been forced to acknowledge this, with stakeholders across the education sector, including the House of CommonsRead more

Backdoor to the single market

The UK’s Brexit saga continues to unfold with the government set to trigger Article 50 later this month.  Against this backdrop, concerns among members of the UK’s financial services industry grow over the future competitiveness of the sector. Specifically, a potential end to passporting rights has raised fears the UK will lose its attractiveness andRead more