GE2017 battlegrounds: Will unionist voters in Scotland vote tactically for the Conservative Party?

This is the second part of our blog series examining key battlegrounds in the 2017 General Election. If you’ve missed the first part of the series, it can be accessed here.  Will unionist voters in Scotland vote tactically for the Conservative Party? Having nearly swept the board in Scotland at the 2015 General Election, the SNP willRead more

GE2017 battlegrounds: How many Labour seats will the Conservative Party pick up?

In reality a general election is never one contest. Within any one election there are always a series of battles – different trends and patterns replicated across the country, with some trends bucked on a constituency-by-constituency basis. While headline opinion poll figures provide a useful indication of the direction of travel and momentum, it isRead more

General Election 2017: Who will the candidates be?

With current polling suggesting that the Conservative Party will win a significant number of seats at this General Election, the question on everyone’s minds is who will this new intake of MPs be? The selection process  The relatively short time scales and the unexpected timing of the election, mean that the defining characteristic of theRead more

Brexit means Brexit: What impact will the general election have on the UK’s exit from the EU?

No sooner had Theresa May called for a snap election than pundits began offering diametrically opposed interpretations of what it means for Brexit. What commentators forgot in the immediate aftermath of the announcement is that May is a careful, methodical and consistent politician. Her vision of what Brexit looks like was mapped out in herRead more

Sayonara UK? Japanese business leaders turn to Europe

In the aftermath of last year’s referendum, Japan’s powerful Keidanren business lobby issued a two-page Brexit ‘wish list’, including the continuation of passporting and free movement of skilled workers. The Japanese government took this a step further in September, publishing an uncharacteristically forceful memo emphasising Britain’s role as a gateway to Europe for Japanese investors.Read more


The French have chosen who they will decide between in the upcoming presidential run off. The last few weeks have caused many a blood pressure to rise with four vastly different candidates having a chance at winning, but now it is clear that Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron will go tête-à-tête in two week’sRead more

Here we go again

The collective sigh that went up in all corners of the Westminster Village on Tuesday morning was audible, like the last breaths of air escaping an already deflated balloon. The prospect of another popular vote so hot on the heels of the last is a wearying one. The current crop of MPs face returning toRead more