To Brexit and Beyond

Theresa May’s Brexit speech earlier today is arguably the most important political speech in recent history. Following months of speculation and no-end of advice from businesses, lobby groups and commentators, the PM has set out...Read more

JAM-packed January

This is a government that works for all, delivering an economy and society that works for everyone. At least that is the message Number 10 has been wanting you to hear since Theresa May entered...Read more

Statement of intent

It has been somewhat overshadowed by the unfolding drama around Brexit, but in just over a fortnight Philip Hammond will present his first Autumn Statement as Chancellor. It will be the first major set-piece announcement...Read more

Brexit Backslapping in Birmingham

Birmingham has witnessed a bout of Brexit backslapping as Conservative conference has got underway in a buoyant mood. Theresa May’s confirmation that Article 50 will be invoked by the end of March 2017 has been...Read more

The Week In Westminster: All around the world

With Parliament in recess for party conference season, the action has largely taken place away from Westminster this week. Indeed, many of our leading politicians have used the time to get some travelling done. Theresa...Read more

What will Dave & George leave behind?

The EU referendum outcome, Theresa May entering Number 10 and another protracted Labour leadership contest – given the level of political upheaval and speed of change over the past couple of months, it is understandable...Read more

Maggie May?

Having become the UK’s second female Prime Minister, it was somewhat inevitable that Theresa May would be compared to her fellow Conservative, Margaret Thatcher. As her premiership takes shape, are we looking at Maggie May...Read more

A reunifying Queen’s Speech?

Yesterday’s Queen’s Speech was aimed at presenting Cameron’s government as a ‘one-nation’ Conservative administration. With the party leadership bruised by rebellions and referendum strife, this was an opportunity to reset the agenda. 21 Bills were...Read more