Making the most of your eight seconds

Good public relations (PR) is essential for a successful business.  Organisations both large and small, depend on their reputation to drive success – and PR holds the key to building a good relationship with stakeholders, whether they be politicians, other...Read more

Labour: A party under siege

As an indication of the situation Labour finds itself in, YouGov’s latest poll makes for grim reading. In Wales and the West Midlands, traditionally a Labour heartland, the party is 12 points behind the Conservatives....Read more

Rebranding UKIP

Last week Nigel Farage celebrated getting his life back as Paul Nuttall was elected leader of UKIP in the party’s third leadership contest of 2016. Winning 62.6 percent of the party’s support, Mr Nuttall begins...Read more

Catchphrase: What’s the name of the game?

A powerful catchphrase is a crucial part of any successful campaign. Just a few short words, representing the values of a given object, person or belief. Catchphrases can be unfathomably successful at generating brand recognition,...Read more