Reopening the property market during lockdown
Reopening the property market during lockdown
Sorry, not sorry
Sorry, not sorry

Naomi Harris


Naomi Harris WA Communications

Naomi has worked in policy and strategic communications for over a decade leading award winning teams. She provides senior counsel and insight to WA’s public affairs clients covering a broad spectrum of sectors, including energy and transport, education, health and social care, and financial services. She is particularly interested in the role technology is playing in the convergence of sectors and how the regulatory framework is adapting as a consequence.

Naomi is happiest when designing and delivering campaigns that make people sit up and take notice. She loves getting into the detail, problem solving and creating content that provokes action. Naomi believes that businesses can play a huge role in tackling some of society’s biggest challenges and that effective communication can be the difference between success and failure.

Her early career began in journalism, and she won Regional Young Journalist of the Year at the Press Gazette Awards for her work undercover and in Afghanistan. 

Naomi is an avid rugby fan and lover of dogs (and happily for everyone at WA, her beloved Monty is now the resident office dog who you’ll see wandering around looking for pats wherever he can find them).

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