The French have chosen who they will decide between in the upcoming presidential run off. The last few weeks have caused many a blood pressure to rise with four vastly different candidates having a chance...Read more

Mother knows best

We live and breathe politics and policy. For those of us that get excited with every Early Day Motion and ministerial speech, it is easy to get wrapped up in it all. For us, a...Read more

When it rains…

The United Kingdom is used to rain. There are many jokes about the amount of rain, how often it rains and how so many people are still surprised when it rains. One of those people...Read more

We’ll SCI how this goes down

Earlier this month, Ofgem launched a new Supplier Cost Index (SCI). This new report replaces the Supply Market Indicator, which suffered from reliability issues. The SCI will track the ongoing trends in the energy supply...Read more

O Canada (Plus)

With the Prime Minister’s landmark Brexit speech last week, commentators have dedicated a significant amount of time to the future of Britain’s trading relationships. International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has indicated that the UK is...Read more

An Outsider’s First Thoughts

Recently, I moved to the United Kingdom from the Canadian capital, Ottawa. Despite sharing a Monarch, a system of government and once having the Union Jack in our flag, Canada and the United Kingdom are...Read more